Phyllis Smallman

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Birthplace: Scotland, Ontario, Canada
Current Residence: Englewood, Florida
Setting: Mangrove coast of Florida...a beach bar in a town called Jacaranda, Florida
Genre: Mystery, cozy

Phyllis Smallman's love of books led to various library jobs in southern Ontario towns like Brantford, Grimsby, and Ancaster, where she hid out in the stacks reading mysteries. She then turned her hand to writing them, winning the first Arthur Ellis award for best unpublished manuscript, which lead to a publishing contract. Smallman lives in Englewood, Florida six months of the year and writes mysteries about the Mangrove coast of Florida.

Book List
Champagne for Buzzards (2011)
A Brewski for the Old Man: A Sherri Travis Mystery (2010)
Margarita Nights: A Sherri Travis Mystery (2009)
Sex in a Sidecar: A Sherri Travis Mystery (2009)
Sex in a SidecarMargarita Nights Brewski for the Old Man

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