Polly Anne Earl

Palm Beach An Architectural Legacy by Polly Anne EarlBirthplace:
Last Residence: Palm Beach, FL
Setting: Palm Beach
Genre: Non-Fiction, Florida Architecture

Polly Anne Earl (1944 -2004) was executive director of the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach from 1983 to 2004. Earl received a Master's Degree in American Economic and Technological History from the University of Delaware, where she was a Fellow of the Eleutherian-Mills Hagley Foundation, specializing in the Administration of Historical Agencies. Earl was formerly Associate Editor of Publications at Winterthur Museum and has taught in an adjunct capacity at the University of Delaware and Florida Atlantic University.

Book List

Palm Beach: An Architectural Legacy (2002)
Palm Beach: The Way We Were (2001)
Technological innovation and the decorative arts (1974) with Ian M. G. Quimby

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