Randel, Tara

Randel, Tara - Florida Authors Hidden Hearts (2002)
Florida hotel manager Teri Price finds herself with a slew of problems at her beloved hotel, the West Wind. Strange noises, missing contractors, and the handsome new security chief, Jack Bishop, keep her hopping--especially after Teri learns that Jack has his own agenda. The pair team up to investigate the mysterious happenings around the hotel, determined to uncover the mystery and fight their mutual attraction. Teri refuses to let any of these distractions deter her from her goal--a transfer to Paris to manage the hotel of her dreams. If she can only survive the upcoming annual review with her condescending boss...
When they hear a rumor about jewels hidden in the hotel's unused wing, the stakes get higher. Teri finds out from a local historian that legend has it Al Capone himself was behind the whole thing. Can they find the jewels before one of Capone's henchmen returns to retrieve them? Will Teri and Jack ever reveal to each other their hidden hearts?

Randel, Tara - Florida Authors

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