Raul Musibay


Website: Raúl Musibay
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Birthplace: Cayo la Rosa, Cuba
Current Residence: Miami, Florida
Genre: Cookbook

A native Cuban, Raúl came to the United States via Spain in 1980. He is a member of a group called "Three Guys from Miami." The other two "guys" are Glenn M. Lindgren and Jorge Castillo. As a full-time Miami resident, Raúl is known for his love of fishing, his great parties, and his mastery of the Cuban pig roast. Like Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea, Raúl frequently braves the ocean waves in the Florida Keys with his small fishing boat. Just don’t call him old. He insists that he gets a little better, but never older, every year. A somewhat reluctant chef, Raúl is the goodwill ambassador of the group. You’ll find him at cooking classes and demonstrations “working the crowd,” telling jokes, and making sure everyone is having a good time.

For more than 25 years, the Three Guys From Miami have been perfecting their Cuban recipes by cooking and eating Cuban food. They run the website: iCuban.com the Internet Cuban and are the authors of "Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban" and "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban," both from Gibbs Smith Publisher. Their website debuted in 1996 and since then more than 6 million people have visited the Three Guys online.

Raúl and his wife Esther have two married children, Onel and Onix.

Book List

Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban with Glenn M. Lindgren and Jorge Castillo (2006)
Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban with Glenn M. Lindgren and Jorge Castillo (2004)

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