Reed Markham

Reed MarkhamWebsite:
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Current Residence: DeLand, Florida
Setting: United States
Genre: Nonfiction

Reed Markham has published numerous books and articles during his career as a college and university
professor, adminstrator, and consultant. Markham's background includes service as a speechwriter for the
United States Supreme Court, member of the International Olympic Committee News Service, and ran the
Olympic torch in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Book List

Co-Author, Money 911: Tested Strategies to Survive Your Financial Emergency, Iuniverse Publishers: Bloomington, IN (2008)
Contributing Editor, America's Lives, Scribners Sons: New York (2004)
Contributing Editor, America's Sports Lives, Scribners Sons: New York (2003)
Author, Excellence in Public Speaking: Resources for Educators and Public Relations/Communications Leaders, Simon and Schuster: Boston (1997)
Co-Author, Making Marriage Magnificent: 365 Keys to Happiness, Horizon Publishers (1997)
Contributing Author, Student Retention Success Models in Higher Education, Retention Publications: Tallahassee, Florida (1996)
Author, Leadership 2000: Success Skills for University Students, Simon and Schuster: Boston (1995)
Author, Power Speaking: Critical Thinking for a New Decade, Copley Publishing Company: Boston (1991)
Author, Public Opinion: Theory and Research, Copley Publishing Company: Boston (1990)
Co-Author, Advances in Public Speaking: Theory and Research, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company: Dubuque, Iowa (1990)
Contributing Author, Key Resources on Community Colleges: A Guide to the Field and Its Literature, Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco (1986)
Author, Effective Speechwriting: A Twentieth Century Viewpoint, Hawkes Publishing Company: Salt Lake City, Utah (1983)

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