Reynolds, G.W. III

Cover Image Jetty Man (1999)
G. W. Reynolds, III has created a memorable Southern Gothic trilogy in which a sensitive and innocent young man is continually victimized by the arbitrary cruelness and violence of brutal men. Mayport is a struggling community of hard living folks who condone the reprehensible behavior of cowards. The town folk mistake aggressiveness for strength -- and sensitivity as a sign of weakness. There is a a palpable air of foreboding in these moving tales, which envelopes the reader like oppressive Florida humidity. G. W. Reynolds has a fine ear for natural dialogue and has created an authentic setting and atmosphere for this harrowing coming-of-age story.
Cover Image Mullet Run (2000)
Author G.W. Reynolds intimately knows every dusty corner and all the peculiarities of this richly textured Southern hamlet first introduced in his debut novel, "Jetty Man." "Mullet Run" continues the exploration of dark psychological themes of racism, and the effects of poverty and ignorance on an isolated community. He brings his riveting story into sharp focus through dramatic storytelling and finely drawn characterizations.
Cover Image Roads End (2001)
G.W. Reynolds III takes his readers deep into the South Georgia woods in Roads End where he introduces the members of the Roads End hunting camp. These North Florida fathers, sons, brothers, and cousins traditionally gather at the camp on the first weekend of hunting season. Though opening day is the beckoning call to gather there, Reynolds' story is more about the rituals that define the fellowship of all men. In Roads End, drink flows and so do the stories of past gatherings. Members entertain each other with hunting camp memories about friends and relatives, past and present. Reynolds reveals how young men are introduced to this brotherhood of honor and respect. Descriptions of the eternal battles between man and beast, man and man, and man and woman are vivid enough to reveal the strength and intensity of their impact on mankind, particularly to the gentlemen of North Florida. G.W. Reynolds III has again revealed the culture, ceremonies, and instinct of today's American South. He ably discloses both the unique and the universal elements of manhood and builds a connection between friends and neighbors everywhere.
Cover Image Horny Toads (2002)
The life and death, good and evil struggle continues in Horny Toads as the reader is introduced to new characters, devil dogs and evil at its strongest. Reynolds reveals how superstitions, prejudices, jealousies and compulsive lusts control the lives of the citizens of Mayport.
Cover Image Joe Jumpers (2003)
In 1998, G. W. Reynolds combined a small novel he had written with two new manuscripts and the Blockbuster Jetty Man novel was born. In the succeeding years, Mullet Run, Oak Baby, and Horny Toads followed. Joe Jumpers is the next wild novel in the series. In his usual master story-teller style, Reynolds adds a new dimension to the ongoing saga of the fearless Mary C. as she battles against the evil forces trying to wrench Jason's enchanted son, Billy the Oak Baby, from them. Now homeless and without the protective strengths of her mammoth lover, Hawk Hawkins, and Sandeep Singh, the Punjabi warrior-priest, Mary C. must defend herself alone except for the huge devil-dog, Abaddon, who decided to join forces with her. Hold on and enjoy the ride as this literary roller coaster keeps you spellbound and on the edge of your seat. You won't want to put it down
Cover Image Sin City (2003)
There have always been innumerable opinions and incessant commentary about the problems with public education. Unfortunately, few of these focus on the real culprits. Most problems come from the homes and are sent to the schools. Educators do not create them. In the mid 1980's, another scourge appeared on the scene in the embodiment of the drug culture, crack cocaine.
Cover Image Holy Moly! (2005)
After their adventure at the Giant's Motel, Mary C. and Jason return to Mayport to face another battle. While they were gone the devil dog, Abaddon's killer instinct emerged once again. Mary C. must keep her promise that if the mutant canine became a danger to the innocent, she would be the one to take Abaddon down. Be prepared to meet the nasty Coolie family, brothers Duck and Bucket and their sexy sister, Rebecca, who fights like a man. They call her "Milkduds".
Cover Image Hoochie Coochie (2006)
Prepare yourself for one of Mary C.'s wildest adventures as she follows Rebecca Milkduds Coolie and Miss Stark's diamond and ruby necklace to the mud of Black Hammock Island. You can dance all night in the Hoochie Cookchie room, where there is no sex allowed until the roosters crow.
Cover Image Ditch Walker (2007)
Another wild story comes out of Mayport, Florida when the Ditch Walkers come to town to challenge the citizens of the fishing village and ruin there lives.

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