Robert Ferrigno

robert ferrignoWebsite: Robert Ferrigno
Birthplace: South Florida
Current Residence: Washington State
Setting: Various
Genre: crime, thriller, sci-fi

Robert Ferrigno (1947 - ) is an American author of crime novels. After receiving his degree in Philosphy, Filmmaking and Creative writing, he returned to his first love, poker for the next five years where he got the idea for his characters on most of his novels. Ferrigno founded a punk rock magazine called The Rocket with his earnings from gambling.

Heart of the Assassin by Robert FerrignoSins of the Assassin by Robert FerrignoPrayers for the Assassin by Robert FerrignoHeart Breaker by Robert Ferrigno

Book List
Heart of the Assassin (2009)
Sins of the Assassin (2008)
Prayers for the Assassin (2006)
Wake-Up (2004)
Scavenger Hunt (2003)
Flinch (2001)
Heartbreaker (1999)
Dead Silent (1996)
Dead Men's Dance (1995)
Cheshire Moon (1993)
House of Latitudes (1990)

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