Robert Newcomb

Robert NewcombWebsite: Robert Newcomb
Current Residence: South Florida
Setting: Fictional Worlds
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Robert Newcomb is the author of The Destinies of Blood and Stone: Savage Messiah and A March into Darkness, as well as The Chronicles of Blood and Stone: The Fifth Sorceress, The Gates of Dawn, and The Scrolls of the Ancients. He lives in Florida with his wife, a neuropsychologist and novelist.

Rise of the Blood Royal by Robert NewcombMarch into Darkness by Robert NewcombSavage Messiah by Robert NewcombScrolls of the Ancients by Robert NewcombFifth Sorceress by Robert Newcomb

Book List
Destinies of Blood and Stone series
Rise of the Blood Royal (2007)
March Into Darkness (2007)
Savage Messiah (2006)

Chronicles of Blood and Stone series
Scrolls of the Ancients (2004)
Gates of Dawn (2003)
The Fifth Sorceress (2002)

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