Robley Wilson

Robley Wilson - Florida Authors Website:
Birthplace: Brunswick, ME
Current Residence: Winter Park, FL
Genre: Literary Fiction, Modern Fiction, short stories

Robley Wilson (1930-) has been a visiting writer at Beloit College, the University of Iowa, Northwestern University, Pitzer College, and the University of Central Florida, and was a 1983-84 Guggenheim Fellow in fiction. Wilson and his wife, fiction writer Susan Hubbard (The Society of S [2007] and The Year of Disappearances [2008]) co-edited 100% Pure Florida Fiction, a short-story anthology of Florida stories written since 1985 (University Press of Florida, 2000). The two divide their time between Orlando and Cape Canaveral, Florida and share their lives with six unruly cats: Buddy, Bartleby, Isis, Olivia, Gidget, and Max.

Book List
The World Still Melting (2005)
Splendid Omens (2004)
The Book of Lost Fathers (2001)
100 Percent Pure Florida Fiction: An Anthology (2000)
Ellen Dearmore, The Adventures of Gertrude Stein, Detective, (Editor) (1999)
Everything Paid For (1999)
A Walk through the Human Heart (1996)
The Victim's Daughter (1991)
A Pleasure Trees (1990)
The Place That Holds Our History: The Missouri Writer's Biennial Anthology, (Editor) (1990)
Terrible Kisses, Simon & Schuster (1989)
Four-Minute Fictions: Fifty Short-Short Stories from the North American Review, Editor (1987)
Kingdoms of the Ordinary (1987)
Dancing for Men (short stories) (1982)
Living Alone (1978)
The Pleasures of Manhood (short stories) (1977)
Returning to the Body (1977)
Three Stances of Modern Fiction: A Critical Anthology, Editor (1972)
All That Lovemaking (1961)

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