Roslyn Bresnick-Perry

Roslyn Bresnick-Perry Website: Roslyn Bresnick-Perry
Birthplace: Belarus
Current Residence: New York and Deerfield Beach, FL
Genre: Memoirs

Roslyn Bresnick-Perry was born in Wysokie Litewskie, in what is now Belarus. Bresnick-Perry emigrated to New York City in 1929, at the age of seven. Her wisdom and humor have captivated audiences at storytelling festivals theaters throughout the country and abroad. A retired fashion designer, Ms. Perry holds a Master of Arts degree in Cultural History from New York University and received her Bachelor of Arts from Fordham University. Winner of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Storytelling Network, Ms. Perry now divides her time between New York and Deerfield Beach, Florida.

I Loved My Mother on Saturdays by Roslyn Bresnick-PerryLeaving for America by Roslyn Bresnick Perry

Book List

I loved my mother on Saturdays and other tales from the shtetl and beyond (2009)

Juvenile Non-Fiction
Leaving for America (1992)

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