Roxanne St. Claire

Current Residence: Florida
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Roxanne St. Claire is the bestselling author of the popular Bullet Catchers series from Pocket Books, which includes Thrill Me to Death and Take Me. A three-time nominee for the prestigious RITA Award, and a winner of the 2005 Maggie Award and the 2006 Booksellers Best Award, she lives in Florida with her husband and children.

Book List

Bullet Catchers Series

Hunt Her Down (2009)
Make Her Pay (2009)
Now You Die (2008)
Then You Hide (2008)
First You Run (2008)
What You Can't See "Reason to Believe" (2008)
Take Me Tonight (2007)
I'll Be Home For Christmas (2006)
Thrill Me To Death (2006)
Kill Me Twice (2005)
Hunt Her DownMake Her Pay
Now You DieThen You HideFirst You RunRoxanne St. Claire - Florida AuthorsKill Me TwiceThrill Me to DeathTake Me Tonight

His Style of Seduction (2007)
The Sins of His Past (2006)
When the Earth Moves (2005)
Killer Curves (2005)
The Fire Still Burns (2004)
Like a Hurricane (2004)
French Twist(2004)
Tropical Getaway (2003)

His Style Of SeductionThe Sins of His PastWhen the Earth MovesKiller Curves
The Fire Still BurnsLike a HurricaneFrench TwistTropical Getaway

Roxanne St. Claire Author Talk Interview

The Bullet Catchers by Roxanne St Claire

Take Me Tonight by Roxanne St. Claire

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