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Archy McNally
McNally's Secret
McNally's Secret (1991)
From Library Journal
Investigator Archy McNally agrees to handle a burglary case involving the theft of four valuable stamps for a Palm Beach society matron; from there he is led into a web of lies, sex, and blackmail. Murder is also involved, and Archy, who narrates the tale, has to sort out the scandal from the truth. A subplot involving Archy's affair with a beautiful antiques dealer may indicate his playboy days are over; he is suave and jaded but still capable of dropping names and bits of humor. Adam Henderson's pleasant voice helps the listener make it through to the end. Recommended for larger collections.
Denise A. Garofalo, Astor Home for Children, Rhinebeck, NY
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McNally's Luck
McNally's Luck (1992)
In the sequel to McNally's Secret, playboy Florida sleuth Archy McNally's search for a purloined cat turns deadly when a prominent woman is brutally murdered.
McNally's Risk
McNally's Risk (with Vincent Lardo) (1993)
Irrepressible playboy private investigator Archy McNally must resist the seductive endeavors of a beautiful temptress who is at the center of his case.
McNally's Caper
McNally's Caper (1994)
In a low-down, high-society caper, sleuth Archie McNally investigates a family that is as mysterious as the House of Usher--and twice as twisted.
McNally's Trial
McNally's Trial (1995)
From Publishers Weekly
Suggesting a morally bankrupt, sun-tanned Bertie Wooster, Archy McNally sleuths among Florida's well-heeled Palm Beach set in this lightweight crime series from the author of the Deadly Sins and Commandments thrillers. Archy, an occasional investigator for his stuffy lawyer father, here agrees to look into the sudden "uptick" in business that is worrying a pretty exec at the exclusive Whitcomb Funeral Homes. Too many people are dying, observes the woman, and being shipped up north in coffins. In between boozing, lying to his girlfriend and delivering sub-Wodehouse patter that lacks both wit and an anchoring value system, Archy and his gormless pal Binky Watrous investigate the likable old couple who own the funeral homes and their son and his wife, whose swinging lifestyle makes Archy's look tame. The trick of insinuating character eludes Sanders, who, if a woman dissembles or a doctor is stoned to the gills, hits us over the head with the facts. While an occasional few of Archy's quips are funny, Sanders's dialogue is mostly as stiff as the story's corpses. Literary Guild selection.
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McNally's Puzzle
McNally's Puzzle (1996)
From Library Journal
Veteran Palm Beach sleuth Archy McNally puzzles over the death of a bird store owner in this latest by the prolific author of 20 best sellers.
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McNally's Gamble
McNally's Gamble (with Vincent Lardo) (1997)
From Library Journal
Sanders's venerable creation, playboy sleuth Archy McNally, finds yet more greed, envy, and murder among Florida's rich and famous-and all because of the Faberge Imperial egg that, much to her children's consternation, the widowed Edythe Westmore would like to buy.
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McNally's Dilemma
McNally's Dilemma (with Vincent Lardo) (1999)
From Library Journal
Private investigator Archy McNally has real problems. His friend Melva Williams has confessed to the murder of her husband, Geoffrey, after finding him with another woman. She asks Archy to take care of her daughter, a chore that leaves him in hot water with his fianc?e. Meanwhile, Archy must also find the person who is blackmailing another family friend. While investigating this case, Archy finds clues that link both of these crimes together. Listeners will truly enjoy this whodunit. It is full of twists and turns as well as hilarious dialog. The story is well written and will hold one's interest until the bitter end, leaving you wanting more. Tony Award nominee Boyd Gaines is an extremely gifted reader and does a masterful job interpreting this novel. A wonderful addition for all libraries.ADanna Bell-Russell, Library of Congress
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McNally's Folly
McNally's Folly (with Vincent Lardo) (2000)
South Florida's premier sleuth-about-town strikes again--in a deliciously daffy caper that takes a decidedly deadly turn.

When the Palm Beach Community Theater needs a director for their production of Arsenic and Old Lace, Archy tosses his megaphone into the ring. After all, Hollywood legend Desdemona Darling will lend her considerable talents to the production. And while resident grand dame Lady Cynthia Horowitz wants a little of the spotlight to fall on her latest live-in-hunk, Buzz Carr, she has no intention of letting Buzz rehearse all day with the actress who, like Lady C, has made marriage a cottage industry.

For poor Archy, there's more drama backstage than onstage and plenty of confusion everywhere, especially with the fuzzy-headed Binky Watrous serving as stage manager. But when an actor takes a sip of prop wine and drops dead, the Palm Beach police suddenly take a special interest in the local theater scene.

In a play filled with murderers, only Archy can separate the actors from the genuine article, clear Binky, and bring down the curtain on the latest and most enjoyable of McNally's follies.

McNally's Chance
McNally's Chance (with Vincent Lardo) (2001)
From Library Journal
Listen up, because this is complicated: Sanders stalwart Archy McNally is contracted by Sabrina Wright to look for her missing husband, who turns out not to be her husband and not the real missing person. That's Sabrina's daughter, born out of wedlock, put up for adoption, adopted by her own mother, and now looking for her real father somewhere in Palm Beach. Then Sabrina turns up dead. And that's just for starters. Note, in addition, the tricky double billing. Publishing can make for strange bedfellows.
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McNally's Alibi
McNally's Alibi (with Vincent Lardo) (2002)
From Library Journal
The parentage is complex, but the plot should please fans. McNally runs up against a lot of brick walls as he searches for the complete text of Truman Capote's Unanswered Prayers at the behest of a millionaire collector.
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McNally's Dare
McNally's Dare (with Vincent Lardo) (2003)
When a young man is found dead in the pool of one of South Florida's most prominent citizens, Archy McNally rushes in to salvage reputations and solve the possible crime. But Palm Beach's rumor mill is already in overdrive. So is a killer who's just beginning.

McNally's Bluff
McNally's Bluff (with Vincent Lardo) (2004)
From Publishers Weekly
This wacky, waggish whodunit is the sixth McNally title under the able authorship of novelist Lardo (The Hampton Affair), who took up the reins from the late Lawrence Sanders with 1999's McNally's Dilemma. When Archy is invited to attend the gala unveiling of an English hedge maze at the Palm Beach home of Amazin' Matthew Hayes—an ex-human cannonball turned carnival impresario (5'4" in heels) married to Marvelous Marlena Marvel, a bosomy sideshow hootchy-cootchy (6'2" in socks)—our hero is flabbergasted to find Marlena dead at the center of the maze. The boorish Hayes hires Archy to investigate his wife's bizarre murder; Archy is also employed by his attorney father, who has recently been consulted by one of the guests at the unveiling about the matter of a contested will. Black-sheep Laddy Taylor is hoping to relieve Carolyn, his 40-something, widowed stepmother, of his father's loot. With a gay gossip columnist, a young bisexual fortune-hunter, a fast-food heiress and her philandering hubby, an ex-caddy turned TV reporter, a husband/wife TV talk show team, and the sexy housemaid heading a list of suspects as colorful as the boutiques along Worth Avenue, snide, irrepressible Archy sets to work unraveling this baffling case. Red herrings proliferate, and legions of adoring McNally faithful will be left shouting, "Bravo! Encore!"
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