Sandi Krawchenko Altner

Sandi Krawchenko Altner Website: Sandi Altner
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Canada
Current Residence: Palm Beach County, FL
Setting: Canada
Genre: Jewish Fiction

Sandi Krawchenko Altner enjoyed an award-winning career in television news in Canada before she left to follow her passion for writing fiction. She is a fifth generation descendent of the first colony of Ukrainian immigrants to settle in Stuartburn, Manitoba in 1896. Sandi grew up with a keen interest in her roots and a deep love of history. A Jew by choice, Sandi celebrated conversion in 2005. She lives, writes and blogs in Florida where she is active in her synagogue. Sandi and her husband have two daughters and two happy dogs.

Ravenscraig by Sandi Krawchenko Altner

Book List

Ravenscraig (2012)

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