Sandra Friend

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Current Residence: Central Florida
Setting: Florida
Genre: Non-Fiction, Travel

Sandra Friend is the author of numerous books on outdoor Florida, including the 50 Hikes series, Along the Florida Trail, Hiker's Guide to the Sunshine State, and, with Johnny Molloy, The Hiking Trails of Florida's National Forests, Parks, and Preserves.

South Florida by Sandra FriendOrlanda and Central Florida by Sandra FriendExploring Floridas Botanical Wonders by Sandra FriendNorth Florida and the Florida Panhandle by Sandra Friend and Kathy WolfHiker's Guide to the Sunshine State by Sandra Friend

Book List

South Florida : an explorer's guide ; includes Sarasota, Naples, Miami & the Florida Keys (2010)
Orlando & Central Florida: An Explorer's Guide (2009)
Exploring Florida's Botanical Wonders (2009)
North Florida & the Florida Panhandle: An Explorer's Guide (2007)
Hiking Trails of Florida's National Forests, Parks and Preserves (2007)
South Florida: An Explorer's Guide (2006)
Hiker's Guide to the Sunshine State (2005)
Orlando, Central & North Florida : an explorer's guide (2004)
Florida (2004)
The Florida Trail: The Official Hiking Guide (2004)
50 Hikes in North Florida (2003)
50 Hikes in South Florida (2003)
Florida Trail Companion Guide for Long Distance Hikers (2003)
Along the Florida Trail (2003)
Sinkholes (2002)
Earth's Wild Winds (2002)
50 Hikes in Central Florida (2002)
Florida in the Civil War (2001)
When the Earth Moves (2000)
Earth's Fiery Fury (2000)
Shaping the Earth Erosion (2000)
Earth's Hidden Treasures (1999)

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