Sarah E Glenn


Birthplace: Asheville, NC
Alma Mater: University of Kentucky
Current Residence: Tarpon Springs, FL
Setting: Many
Genre: Mystery or horror with a frequent sidecar of funny.

Why am I here? I moved to Florida to help care for my father. Still here and kicking around in north Pinellas County - you know, where the town with the Greek food is. Anyway, I'm in Florida and I'm a writer. Am I good at it? You decide.

I've started a press with Gwen Mayo, my wife. Check out Mystery and Horror, LLC for our new projects.

Book List


All This and Family, Too
All This and Family, Too: Vampire moves her family into a gated community to protect them from vampire hunters, discovers that the homeowners' association is far more difficult to deal with.

Numerous short stories. "New Age Old Story" was included in Fish Tales: the Guppy Anthology. I'm particularly proud of that one, since I worked hard to showcase the setting (Biltmore Forest in NC) and got good characters as a bonus.

I also have a fun tale, "Voter Base", in State of Horror: Louisiana. Lovecraft and politics do mix...

A horror story set in Santorini, Greece, in the early 20th century: Caldera of Trouble. Another example of showcasing a setting and a unique creature in its folklore.
Fish Tales
Currently working with Gwen Mayo on a historical mystery novel set in Citrus County. A short story featuring its heroes is due out in October 2013.


I wrote for Bluegrass Roots, a political blog, back in 2008, and it earned the great honor of receiving press credentials for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Covering the event was a true highlight in my life. I am afraid that, since then, the blog closed down and reopened without the content I contributed. It's now a sole production from the man who introduced me to blogging, Ben Carter. Brilliant guy.

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