Sasenarine Persaud

Sasenarine PersaudWebsite: Sasenarine Persaud
Birthplace: Georgetown
Lived in Toronto, Boston
Current Residence: Tampa, Florida
Genre: Poetry, Short Story, Essay, Novel

Sasenarine Persaud was born in Georgetown, Guyana and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. He has lived for several years in Toronto and in Boston. Persaud considers himself to be a poet first, but he has also written novels. Persaud developed a literary aesthetic that he has called Yogic Realism. His awards include: the KM Hunter Foundation Award for fiction, two Canada Council Awards for poetry and fellowships from the University of Miami and Boston University.

Lantana Strangling IxoraUnclosed Entrances: Selected Poems

Book List

  • Lantana Strangling Ixora (TSAR Publications, Toronto, 2011)
  • Unclosed Entrances: Selected Poems (Caribbean Press, Warwick & Georgetown, 2011)
  • In a Boston Night (TSAR Publications, Toronto, 2008)
  • The Wintering Kundalini (Peepal Tree Press, Leeds, 2002)
  • A Writer Like You (TSAR Publications, Toronto, 2002)
  • The Hungry Sailor (TSAR Publications, Toronto, 2000)
  • Canada Geese and Apple Chatney (TSAR Publications, Toronto, 1998)
  • A Surf of Sparrows' Songs (TSAR Publications, Toronto,1996)
  • The Ghost of Bellow's Man (Peepal Tree Press, Leeds,1992)
  • Dear Death (Peepal Tree Press, Leeds,1989)
  • Between the Dash and the Comma (Toronto, 1989)
  • Demerary Telepathy (Peepal Tree Press, Leeds,1989)

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