Shannon Greenland

Shannon Greenland Website: Shannon Greenland
Current Residence: Fernandina Beach, FL
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Romantic Suspense

You name it. Shannon Greenland’s done it. Hiking, rafting, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, mountain biking, spelunking, canoeing, power lifting, running, camping, para sailing . . . well, you get the drift. She’s traveled the world extensively and is thrilled to be living in northern Virginia, looking for her new adventure. Believe it or not, Shannon dreaded reading and writing when she was a kid. How ironic that she’s now an award winning author.

Winning Element by Shannon GreenlandDiscovering Veronica by Shannon GreenlandDescent into Danger by Shannon Greenland

Book List

Winning Element (2008)
Discovering Veronica (2007)
Down to the Wire (2007)
Model Spy (2007)
Descent into Danger (2006)
Laura's Secrets (2005)

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