Sharon Miner

Sharon Miner Website: Sharon Miner
Birthplace: CT
Current Residence: Tampa, FL
Setting: Horses
Genre: YA Mysteries & Beloved Horses series (true short stories) for horse lovers of all ages

Sharon Miner is a freelance writer and editor. Miner has a degree from the Institute of Children's Literature, West Redding, CT. Miner, a professional horsewoman, always includes horses in her books. Miner writes adventure stories and mystery novels for middle grade readers and young adults. She has also written articles for Horse News magazine as well as edited the Pennsylvania Equine Council's newsletter and state directory. Sharon Miner and her husband Bob live in Tampa, FL.

Beloved Sport Horses by Sharon Miner

Book List

Woogie's Travels (2008)
Beloved Sport Horses (2007)
Brigitte's Challenge (2007)
Beloved Horses From Around the Country (2006)
Octavia's Quest (2005)
Beloved School Horses (2004)
Delmarva Conspiracy (1993)

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