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Dead South
Dead South (1996)
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Sullivan, a former analyst for the CIA, portrays the organization as exceptionally inept in her second novel after A Sudden Death at the Norfolk Cafe. When agent Bradley Locke, vacationing in Miami, is abducted after too many drinks with a Panamanian national, the CIA hires PI/nun Sister Cecile Buddenbrooks to find their man. Cecile, who as a teenager infiltrated a spy ring for the organization, agrees and borrows the Miami condo of her lawyer, setting up a facade with 70-something Sister Raphael as representatives of their order in search of retirement property. The lawyer, who's in love with Cecile, gives her a shiny new Ferrari Testarossa, which impresses every man she Raphael meet, including Bradley's kidnappers. While Raphael tracks down a real estate deal, Cecile contacts the Miami CIA representative, who leads her to a killer who wants to make a deal. Meanwhile, the man who originally conscripted Cecile hopes to see her again and flies to Miami with his chicken-pox-infected daughter. Sullivan uses these odd ingredients to spoof CIA operations and agents, but her stilted prose and broad characterization weigh down her tale.
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Death's a Beach
Death's a Beach (1997)

In Miami, murder is nothing special. But the brutal slaying of Elliot Barclay proves otherwise. He was rich and he knew the right people. And a few wrong ones too, as beautiful nun/investigator Sister Cecile discovers when she's hired to find his killer. For a chain of violence connects Barclay's banking colleagues, his glamorous girlfriends, and his underworld associates--even Cecile's own charge, twelve-year-old Leonie. And the sharks are still circling.

Barclay's death will not be the last. . . .

Saving Death
Saving Death (2000)

Victor Torres had loved many women. Too many, it turned out. Twenty years ago his murder was a Miami sensation, in part because Juan Caldo, the man wrongly imprisoned for the crime, had escaped . . . and vanished.

Now intrepid nun-investigator Sister Cecile is hired by a wealthy Cuban American to find Torres's real killer. On Miami's Calle Ocho, the word goes out: the nosy nun is asking too many questions. And a hit man is instructed to make sure she never gets the deadly answers.

Only God knows whether he'll succeed. . . .

Winona Sullivan

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