Tacoma, Robert

Tacoma, Robert - Florida Authors
Key Weird (2005)
Key Weird - A different look at Florida. What do you do when you lose your possum ranch, all your money, and the Dalton Gang is on your trail? If you’re Taco Bob, you head for Florida and end up in tropical Key West hanging out with a collection of colorful and crazy locals, fishing for grunts, and avoiding Daltons. But there’s never a shortage of trouble in paradise. A sexy cult leader hits town looking for a golden idol she is convinced holds psychic powers. She teams up with the aging owner of the local topless bar, who is looking for a fortune in Spanish treasure stolen from him years earlier. Taco Bob’s idyllic tropical lifestyle comes to an abrupt end and he finds himself lost in the Everglades swamps. But he’s not as alone as he thinks, not with a hot cult leader, a cranky treasure hunter, and a mysterious old hermit in the neighborhood.
Tacoma, Robert - Florida Authors
Key Weirder (2005)
No man can take too much of a good thing, not even in tropical Key West. When beach-connoisseur Taco Bob decides on a road trip, he leaves the Conch Republic in search of the beautiful woman who broke his heart, and the ultimate trout recipe. But soon after he leaves town, the entire state is in an uproar when a young man on a mission from Texas makes off with the most prized souvenir in Key West. Meanwhile, a sexy but twisted cult leader shows up, determined to find some magical gold idols so she can rule the world, or at least the world of lingerie fashion. But first she has to deal with a renegade bounty hunter, a nearly invisible rival from her past, and the untold thousands of people cramming into Key West for the biggest outdoor concert in the state's history. Taco Bob is going to have plenty of surprises waiting when he returns to the southernmost city in the US. At least it was the southernmost city when he left.
Tacoma, Robert - Florida Authors
Key Witch (2006)
Could three sisters be any more misunderstood?
Some people in town think the young women running the old hotel are witches just because they cackle a little on poker night. Okay, so sometimes they cackle a lot. And sure they may have to use a little hypnotism when their livelihood is threatened, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sorceresses. It’s not that they wouldn’t like to turn someone into a newt occasionally. When they were younger there always seemed to be someone looking to take advantage of three girls with an ailing mother trying to run a crumbling old hotel. But with the help of their special teachers they’ve grown into young women who can take care of themselves. Their mother’s dying wish takes them on a quest to another hotel, this one across the country in Key West. But when an old adversary threatens their home and friends, it may be more than they can handle by themselves. They may have to find a real witch.
Tacoma, Robert - Florida Authors
Key Manatee (2007)
Welcome to the land at the end of the road: Key West. A tropical island known for Margaritas, warm breezes, singing manatees, and surprises. One surprise awaits Taco Bob and a couple of friends just offshore. It s quite a grisly discovery, and they soon find themselves getting unwanted attention from some very bad people. People who are not about to let anyone stop them from taking over Key West. Taco Bob and his friends could use some help. But due to government cutbacks and corruption there won t be much help there. It starts to look like the fate of Key West may depend on a group of renegade enviromentalists led by "Shark" Hunter, a man who fears little... except, maybe, little voodoo dolls.
Tacoma, Robert - Florida Authors
Color Me Weird (2007)
Color Me Weird is a twenty-chapter mystery with a drawing suitable for coloring at the end of each chapter making it possibly the world s first coloring novella.
Color Me Weird is the story of a young man's escape from winter to pursue his dream of becoming a tropical detective. Walter Buffet expected Key West to be laid-back and festive with warm breezes and colorful locals. He also expected, or at least hoped for, murder. And there is indeed a murder case waiting for him. He just didn't expect to be the prime suspect.
Tacoma, Robert - Florida Authors
Key Lucky (2008)
At the end of a long road, on a tropical island, sits a rich horde of Spanish treasure that has captivated many over the years and caused more than a few heads to be filled with illicit thoughts. But never in the long and storied history of Key West has there been a major heist of any kind. With its riches locked safely away, every year Key West throws the biggest, wildest street party south of New Orleans. Among the thousands of revelers at Fantasy Fest this year is a daring young man who plans to bring back a long forgotten pirate tradition: the tradition of stealing treasure from anyone who has it. Carefree boat bum Taco Bob and friends are soon caught up in the treasure fever sweeping through the island city. But big money draws bad people, and before long nearly everyone in Key West just wants to get Lucky.

Tacoma, Robert - Florida Authors

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