Taylor, Mel

Matt Bowen
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Murder by Deadline (2005)
TV reporter Matt Bowen's life changes dramatically with just one anonymous phone call...
In the sweltering heat of colorful Miami, TV journalist Matt Bowen is having a typical hectic day, reporting the hard news, searching for leads and making plans for the evening when his phone rings. The mysterious woman on the line whispers secrets about being stalked and having too much information before she is abruptly cut off. Disturbed by her tone but baffled at the meaning of the call, he hangs up. Later that evening Matt's on assignment covering a local homicide and realizes the victim was his anonymous caller. Wracking his brain he tries to piece together why a woman who thought she was being stalked would go to the press instead of the police. And more importantly why him? Soon after her murder, members of a counterfeit money prevention committee are targeted killed. Convinced there is a connection between the new victims and his anonymous caller Matt begins to delve deeper into the mystery, connecting piece by piece, tracking down witnesses and conducting interviews. As he draws too close to discovering the truth, his undercover reporting takes a personal turn when his girlfriend, Cat Miller, attracts the deadly attention of someone lurking in the darkness. She is convinced she knows the killer but Matt disagrees, putting their relationship in jeopardy. The calm of the wind-swept palm tress is shattered as Matt uses all of his street contacts to save Cat's life before she too, becomes a MURDER BY DEADLINE.

Encounter by Deadline
Encounter by Deadline (2007)
Morgan Walker doesn't have anywhere else to turn. When her husband, Cole, fails to return home from his freelance photography job, Morgan calls on Cole's former co-worker, Fort Lauderdale TV reporter Matt Bowens, for help. Desperate for answers, Morgan brings Matt an unopened box that she hopes might contain a clue to finding her husband. After Matt discovers the box is filled with diamonds, he questions Morgan's honesty but is forced, nonetheless, to follow her down a trail of murder and deceit.
Rather than reporting on the story, Matt soon finds himself a part of it, forced to run from both the police and the thugs looking for him and endangering himself and everyone around him in the process. Matt's investigation takes him from Fort Lauderdale Beach to the fog-laden floor of the Florida Everglades in search of the clue that will help him crack the case, knowing that the story won't be over until there is a final encounter by deadline.

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