Ted Bell

Ted Bell Website: Ted Bell
Current Residence: Palm Beach, FL
Setting: Various
Genre: Spy Stories, Suspense, Intelligence

Ted Bell (1947-) was a highly successful advertising executive before becoming a novelist. Ted Bell describes his main character, Alex Hawke, as "Errol Flynn meets James Bond meets The Thin Man." Ted Bell's adventure novels will appeal to Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler fans. Ted Bell lives in Palm Beach.

Phantom by Ted BellWarlord by Ted BellTsarPirateAssassinNick of TimeSpy

Book List


Alex Hawke Series

Phantom (2012)
Warlord : an Alex Hawke novel (2010)
Tsar: A Thriller (2008)
Spy (2006)
Pirate (2005)
Assassin (2004)
Hawke (2003)

Juvenile Fiction

Nick of Time Series
Time Pirate (2010)
Nick of Time (2000)

Interview with Ted Bell - 2008

First Chapter of Hawke

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