Theodore Pratt

Barefoot MailmanBirthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota 1901-1969
Setting: Florida
Genre: Fiction

Theodore Pratt was born in Minneapolis, MN, but grew up in New York State. He attended college and married from New York as well. Pratt worked for the New York Sun and lived with his wife for a time in Spain. Later on the Pratts moved to Lake Worth, FL. They also lived in Boca Raton and finally Delray Beach, FL, where Pratt died. Pratt's books were set in Florida and he researched the locales extensively.

Book List

Mr. Atom (1969)
That Was Palm Beach (1968)
The Money (1965)
The White God (1963)
Without Consent (1962)
Tropical Disturbance (1961)
The Lovers of Pompeii (1961)
Florida Roundabout (1959)
Handsome's Seven Women (1959)
Smash-Up (1954)
Seminole (1954)
Story of Boca Raton (1953)
Escape to Eden (1953)
Golden Sorrow (1952)
Handsome (1951)
Cocotte (1951)
The Big Bubble (1951)
The Tormented (1950)
The Flame Tree (1950)
Mr. Thurtle's Trolley (1947)
Valley Boy (1946)
Mrs. Dilly Says No (1945)
Thunder Mountain (1944)
Barefoot Mailman (1943)*
Mr. Winkle Goes to War (1943)*
Mr. Limpet (1942)*
Mercy Island (1941)*
Big Blow (1936)
Not Without the Wedding (1935)
Spring From Downward (1934)

Under pen name Timothy Brace
Murder Goes to the Dogs (1938)
Murder Goes in a Trailer (1937)
Murder Goes Fishing (1936)

* Made into films

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