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Thomason, Cynthia - Florida Authors Windswept (1999)
"Cynthia Thomason once again brings readers a fast-paced story filled with characters so finely drawn they become a part of your life, as you share in their struggles and triumphs. Windswept' brings old Key West and its inhabitants to life, as Jacob and Nora battle greed, judgement, lies and tragedy to find a safe harbor for their love." -- DanaRae Pomeroy, CompuServe Romance Reviews
Thomason, Cynthia - Florida Authors An Unlikely Match (2005)
Thomason, Cynthia - Florida Authors An Unlikely Father (2006)
Thomason, Cynthia - Florida Authors An Unlikely Family (2007)
She's only just arrived at this seaside tourist town as the new principal and Evie's already heard about the area's biggest troublemaker nine-year-old Gemma Muldoone. If having a cop for a father hasn't turned this kid around, it's going to take all of Evie's educational training and big-city wits.
Billy's a dad who knows he's in over his head and has been ever since his daughter was dropped on his doorstep. Despite his attraction to newcomer Evie, he resents her interference until Gemma faces a real threat, and Evie is the only one who can help.
Christmas In Key West (Harlequin Super Romance #1528) by Cynthia Thomason: Book Cover Christmas in Key West (2008)
Only a family emergency could drag Abby Vernay home to Key West for Christmas. And there's certainly nothing holly berry and mistletoe about this visit. She's got to bail out her eccentric father, and that means taking on the local law. None other than police captain Reese Burkett, Abby's high-school crush--and the man she's been avoiding for thirteen years.
She doesn't know about Reese, but she's never forgotten the night of her graduation, a night that left Abby with bittersweet memories and a secret that changed her life. Yet even Abby can't deny that Reese's behavior has been very good and he doesn't deserve a lump of coal this year. In fact, he has a right to finally know the truth. Besides, seeing him again makes her want to let go of the past and move on to a future...together. Except he'll probably never forgive her.... Merry Christmas? Bah, humbug.

Thomason, Cynthia - Florida Authors

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