Tim Dorsey

Tim Dorsey Website: Tim Dorsey
Serge's Blog: http://sergesfloridaexperience.blogspot.com/
Birthplace: Indiana
Current Residence: Tampa, FL
Setting: Florida
Genre: Mystery, Humor, Serial Killers

Tim Dorsey (1961-) has a B.S. from Auburn University. Dorsey has worked as a police and court reporter for the Alabama Journal and as a journalist and editor for the Tampa Tribune. His novels are set in Florida. His two main characters are Serge Storms, a serial killer and his addict sidekick, Coleman.

Electric Barracuda by Tim DorseyNuclear Jellyfish by Tim DorseyAtomic Lobster by Tim DorseyHurricane Punch by Tim DorseyBig Bamboo by Tim DorseyGator A-Go-Go by Tim Dorsey

Book List

Serge Storm Novels

Tiger Shrimp Tango (2014)
Riptide Ultra-Glide (2013)
Pineapple Grenade (2012)
When Elves Attack (2011)
Electric Barracuda (2011)
Gator A-Go-Go (2010)
Nuclear Jellyfish (2009)
Atomic Lobster (2008)
Hurricane Punch (2007)
Big Bamboo (2006)
Torpedo Juice (2005)
Cadillac Beach (2004)
Stingray Shuffle (2003)
Triggerfish Twist (2002)
Orange Crush (2001)
Hammerhead Ranch Motel (2000)
Florida Roadkill

Nuclear Jellyfish Trailer

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