Tom MacCubbin

Tom McCubbinWebsite: Tom MacCubbin
Current Residence: Orlando, FL
Setting: Florida
Genre: Non-Fiction, Gardening, Lawn Care

Tom McCubbin is a well established Florida author, radio host, newspaper columnist and gardener. He was the Orange County Urban Horticulturalist until 2007. McCubbin is also an Extension Agent Emeritus with a full professor equivalent at the University of Florida. McCubbin hosts a weekly radio show about Florida gardening and lawn care and has authored several books on the same subject.

Florida Gardeners Resource by Tom MacCubbinMonth By Month Gardening in Florida by Tom MacCubbinFlorida Lawn Guide by Tom MacCubbinPerfect Florida Lawn by Tom MacCubbinMy Florida Garden by Tom MacCubbin

Book List

Florida Garden Guide: The Best Plants for a Florida Garden (2013)
Florida Gardener's Resource (2010)
Florida Lawn Guide (2007)
Month by Month Gardening in Florida: Revised Edition (2006)
Perfect Florida Lawn (2003)
Florida's Gardener's Guide: Revised Edition (2002)
Month by Month Gardening in Florida (2001)
My Florida Garden (2001)
The Edible Landscape (1998)
Florida Home Grown: Landscaping (1997)
Florida Home Grown 2: the Edible Landscape (1989)

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