Trocheck, Cathy Hogan

Truman Kicklighter
Lickety-Split Lickety-Split (1996)
From Publishers Weekly
The author of the mysteries starring Southern cleaning service owner Callahan Garrity stumbles with this series launch introducing Truman Kicklighter, widower and former AP reporter living in the Fountain of Youth Residence Hotel in St. Petersburg, Fla. Truman has lots on his plate here as a bogus evangelist announces plans to take over the hotel and evict the retirees who don't buy their apartments. Then his best friend, a man whose decline into Alzheimer's is appallingly speedy, is accused of killing a young woman tout at the dog track. Aided by a feisty young Fountain of Youth waitress named Jackleen, Truman tries to uncover the evangelist's scam and find the tout's murderer. The latter effort, centering around the missing computer disk with the murder victim's new betting program, takes him up against the evangelist's brassy, ambitious secretary, a couple of low-life thugs for hire and a representative of organized crime. Trocheck's cast is depicted in broad strokes, their pluck and gameness colored with a patronizing wash. This one's a disappointment in both scattershot plotting and primary-color characterization.
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Crash Course Crash Course (1997)
From Library Journal
Retired journalist Truman Kicklighter, who lives in St. Petersburg's Fountain of Youth Residential Hotel, revs up his investigative abilities when a sleazy (but nice-looking) used-car salesman unloads a lemon on his good friend Jackie. When Jackie complains, strange things happen: someone steals the car, and the salesman winds up dead. Although warned away, Kicklighter goes undercover, gathering evidence of insurance fraud and murder. Although the book is set in Florida heat and Highway 19 congestion, Trocheck (Heart Trouble, HarperCollins, 1996) keeps readers cool with lively wit, memorable characters, and cutting prose. A great read.
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