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Duncan Sloan
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Blistering shards of dialogue, nonstop action and one of the neatest slices of sunburned, low-rent Florida since Charles Willeford passed away mark this first novel, winner of the 1999 St. Martin's/PWA contest. Isaac Pike is a rich gay man who wants a child. His semen may or may not have ended up residing inside the womb of Orlando topless-bar dancer Crystal Johnson. So maybe there's a child to be; but the potential mother has vanished. Pike is anxious to trace CrystalDas is apparently every deadbeat scam artist in the Orlando area. Duncan Sloan, the fast-talking private dick on the case, has an unlicensed gun, an unlicensed practice and a shrew of an ex-wife. Sloan looks in all the right places: a cheap motel, a go-go bar, a trailer park. When Crystal's parents turn up murdered, things get really serious. The author, a builder in Orlando, has created an irreverent gem of a crime novel. With less irony than Elmore Leonard, and none of the ecological baggage with which Carl Hiaasen sometimes burdens his yarns, Truluck offers a fresh take on hot weather crime. Indelibly coarse characters rotate around an illogically escalating scam loaded with dead rednecks and brazen demands for major money from potty-mouthed thugs who surface on the profanity-riddled pages with scant introduction. Scoring very poorly on credibility, this is nonetheless a splinter-sharp first take from a raw new voice sure to be heard from again. (Sept.)
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PI Duncan Sloan, who made his debut in Truluck's Street Level (2000), explodes back into action in this rapid-fire, tough-guy whirlwind of an adventure set in Orlando, Fla. Terry Sebring, a high-priced hooker, comes to Sloan because her Jaguar was stolen-and in the car was her Palm Pilot with her client list. Now someone is trying to shake down some of her customers and she's been followed and burgled. Naturally, the case isn't as simple as it appears. The body count will rise before Sloan, a dangerous and appealing blend of cool and cunning, can figure out what role the punks who stole Terry's car played and which of her clients (lawyer, accountant, mob guy, evangelist) has added blackmailer to his resume. Despite the up-to-date contemporary setting, Truluck's style recalls that of Mickey Spillane in its straight-ahead, get-it-done fashion. The dialogue crackles with staccato sentences, flip wit, the ever-present tension of violence and sex. Readers can expect a nonstop thrill ride with a skilled driver at the wheel, and lots of collateral damage before the checkered flag. Duncan Sloan shouldn't wait so long before his next appearance.
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