Vogt, M. Diane

Vogt, M. Diane - Florida Authors
Marital Privilege (2004)

Vogt, M. Diane - Florida Authors
Six Bills (2003)
Billie Jo Steam has been languishing for thirty years in prison for the 1972 murder of her husband, lead singer of a local rock band. Her son Harris is determined to prove her innocence, but powerful and mysterious obstacles stand in his way. If only the other members of the band Six Bills would spill a long-kept secret about Trey Steam's death...
When Wilhelmina Carson, a no-nonsense United States District Court Judge, is presented with the facts of the case she is convinced that Billie Jo Steam is innocent. Determined to right the wrongs of a justice system in which she believes. Willa pulls out all the stops, including the use of genetic testing and her most distinguished political connections, to give Billie Jo back her family and her freedom. But there isn't much time to celebrate... Only days after Billie Jo is finally exonerated, another tragedy strikes the Steam family and the Tampa police think Harris is the culprit. Now Willa is entangled in a messy case for which she feels partly responsible, and it is up to her to clear Harris Steam's name and solve two murders! To do so, she must make use of modern DNA technology while digging deep into the Woodstock days of the victims' past. At the top of her list of suspects are the former members of the local band Six Bills; young musicians who were so enmeshed that "they had no idea where one of them ended and the other began." The deeper Willa delves into this timeworn case and the complex relationships that surround it, the more she realizes that there are still many people in Tampa-from pillars of the community, to old hippies, to friends and co-workers-who will do whatever it takes to keep the past buried.
Vogt, M. Diane - Florida Authors
Gasparilla Gold (2002)
From Publishers Weekly
The Gasparilla Parade of Pirates, "Tampa's much smaller version of Mardi Gras," takes center stage in Vogt's third workmanlike novel (after Silicone Solution and Justice Denied) to feature Judge Wilhelmina Carson, the federal District Court judge who likes to involve herself in criminal investigations before they can reach her court. As Judge Willa adjusts to the shock of meeting her estranged father's new, very smart and attractive 23-year-old wife, who's pregnant to boot, the terminally ill husband of the judge's long-term secretary, Margaret, dies in the private social and service club operated by Willa's ex-banker husband. The police suspect Margaret did her husband in. In her efforts to protect her employee, Judge Willa uncovers Margaret's concealed past, investigates a thoroughly corrupt high-fashion jewelry designer and, with help from her father, exposes a long-term scheme of bank fraud and peculation. The author, a practicing lawyer, allows Judge Willa to put herself in several situations that most federal judges would avoid as unethical if not illegal, only some of which matter to the plot. Anyone who has ever had cause to resent a trophy wife will identify with Willa's emotional dilemma and cheer her resolution of it.
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Vogt, M. Diane - Florida Authors
Justice Denied (2000)
Judge Wilhemina Carson returns in another fast-paced thriller of life among the Tampa elite in Justice Denied. Judge Wilhelmina Carson, Tampa's most charismatic Federal Judge, returns in a novel of mystery and suspense. For reasons Willa can't understand, war hero General Randall Andrews has been appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Before he can be confirmed, Andrews is found shot to death in his Tampa home. Judge Carson finds herself in a race against time to save her husband, George, who is accused of murder. In another tale of suspense and one surprise after another, this tightly plotted, character-driven novel will give Judge Carson fans the sequel to her critically acclaimed debut, Silicone Solution, that they've all been waiting for.
Vogt, M. Diane - Florida Authors
Silicone Solution (1999)
When a notorious plastic surgeon is found dead the police soon discover that quite a few of Tampa's elite had a motive for murder. Judge Willa Carson unwittingly find herself entangled in a web of deceit when her sister, Carly, comes to her for help. A deadly combination of lawyers, blackmail, and bitter secrets create a lethal situation.

Vogt, M. Diane - Florida Authors

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