Wainscott, Tina

Dreams of You
Dreams of You (1996)
From Publishers Weekly
Paranormal and suspense elements blend nicely in popular New Age romance novelist Wainscott's latest (after Shades of Heaven). Narrowly surviving an automobile explosion, fragile Nikki Madsen now lives incognito among the homeless of West Palm Beach, Fla. At the exact moment Nikki's car blew up, fashion photographer Adrian Wilde was struck by lightning in Hawaii. In a bizarre confluence of life and death, their souls melded; now he's haunted by visions of a woman whose face he can't see until he goes to Florida on a shoot and she wanders into the frame. Adrian discovers that Nikki's running from a killer?and fearful of strangers. This is an emotional, tender tale occasionally marred by bad writing ("a detective-looking man").
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Back in Baby's Arms
Back in Baby's Arms (2001)
With her husband's dying breath, he promised to send Maddie an angle to heal her brokenheart. So every day in the year since Wayne's tragic boating accident, she's been watching for someone.

Rescued from a storm at sea, Chase can't remember who he is or where he came from--so he travels from port to port, looking for clues to his past. But his presence is shaking up the small Florida coastal town of Sugar Bay, and bizarre things are happening to Maddie and her family. Whoever this stranger is, he's working some serious miracles.

As Chase's shocking past and true identity begin to emerge, it leads Maddie to a disturbing mystery, unexpected danger--and the determination to fight for a love she know can only be Heaven-sent...

In Too Deep
In Too Deep (2005)
SOMEONE HAS ENTERED HER HOME... Society writer Winslow Talbot feels she is living a lie: She is beautiful, but her face has been cleverly constructed by plastic surgeons after an automobile crash. She is rich, but the wealth belongs to her doting stepfather who's funded a life she finds increasingly shallow. So when she learns of a hit-and-run boating accident that leaves a young Cuban girl terribly disfigured, Winslow sees the opportunity to make a real difference and decides to help the injured child. SOMEONE KNOWS ALL HER SECRETS... She begins an investigation that leads her to Alex Diaz, editor of a Miami newspaper. But Alex warns Winslow against snooping in Florida's exile community where passions often explode with deadly consequences. SOMEONE WANTS TO KILL HER... Ignoring the warning, Winslow continues probing for answers even as it pits her against her family, her boss, and the Miami police as a killer waits patiently in the shadows to see her die....

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