Wendy Wax

Wendy Wax Website: Wendy Wax
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, FL
Current Residence: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Domestic Fiction

Wendy Wax is the author of seven previous novels. A former broadcaster, Wax lives in the Atlanta suburbs with her husband and two teenage sons, who have turned her into the shortest member of their family.

Ocean Beach by Wendy WaxTen Beach Road by Wendy WaxMagnolia Wednesdays by Wendy WaxAccidental Bestseller by Wendy Wax

Book List

Ocean Beach (2012)
Ten Beach Road (2011)
Magnolia Wednesdays (2010)
Accidental Bestseller (2009)
Single in Suburbia (2006)
Hostile Makeover (2005)
Leave it to Cleavage (2004)
7 Days and 7 Nights (2003)

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