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Williams, Joy - Florida Authors Breaking and Entering (1988)
From Publishers Weekly
Although they are renting a house, Willie and Liberty, deeply disturbed drifters, break into Florida vacation homes of the wealthy, "living the ordered life of someone else . . . inhabiting the space others had made for themselves. For they themselves were not preparing for anything, they were not building anything." The married couple's picaresque wanderings are springboards for Williams's (Taking Care, etc.) deliberate parody of cultural foibles and mores as Willie and Liberty encounter ceramic dildos, a dial-a-sermon telephone service for the distraught, toilets with "deodorant sticks to protect the integrity of the bowls" and an old woman wearing "a low-cut evening gown which showed off her Pacemaker to good advantage." Williams, who has some arresting short stories to her credit, is best at creating mood, yet she distances the reader with descriptions that throb with isolation, doom, loss, depression and death. Her phrasing is provocative but forced and desultory ("His eyes looked like breakfast buns spread with guava jelly"), and the plot, as disconnected as the protagonists, leads nowhere. Portions of the novel were previously published in Esquire and the Paris Review.
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Williams, Joy - Florida Authors The Florida Keys History & Guide Tenth Edition (2003)
From Library Journal
The Keys are some of the most intriguing places overlooked on the tourist's headlong rush down U.S. 1 from Miami to Key West. Part-time Key West resident and fiction writer Williams enlivens the linear tour with side trips to such unlikely sites as the Bat Tower and the Big Torch Key scenic drive to nowhere. She devotes half the book to the big city, Key West, debunking many myths accepted as fact. Williams writes of the quirky things to see and do on the coral reefs and tropical streets, and the history of each Key is followed by the expected where to eat, drink, and sleep. As establishments come and go, so too do the natural elements on the Keys. Williams's prose encourages the reader to head for the Keys before things change too much. An excellent tourbook; recommended for public and academic libraries. Susan Hamburger, Florida State Univ. Lib., Tallahassee
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Williams, Joy - Florida Authors Florida (1999)
From azure coastlines and delicate reefs to primeval swampland, from the pastel playground of Miami to the graceful displays of exotic flowers and wildlife, this delicious photographic tour serves up a feast of tropical treats for the senses.

Williams, Joy - Florida Authors

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