Woods, Sherryl

Molly DeWitt
Woods, Sherryl - Florida Authors
Hot Property (1992)
When Molly finds a corpse in the cardroom of her elegant new Key Biscayne apartment complex and all clues point to her as the murder suspect, she must rely on the help of handsome homicide detective Michael O'Hara to solve the crime.

Woods, Sherryl - Florida Authors
Hot Secret (1992)
Molly DeWitt tries to persuade handsome detective Michael O'Hara to find the killer of the arrogant director of the movie she has been working on in Miami, before the aging star is wrongly charged with the crime.
Woods, Sherryl - Florida Authors
Hot Money (1993)
This sizzling Miami mystery is the third in a series featuring Molly DeWitt and dashing detective Michael O'Hara. At a black-tie affair held to benefit the environment, Molly and Michael are swimming with the society sharks when Molly stumbles upon the most endangered species of the hour: the late chairwoman of the event.

Woods, Sherryl - Florida Authors
Hot Schemes (1994)
When his favorite uncle's boat floats into Miami Bay on the eve of the Cuban revolution, minus the uncle and wired to explode, detective Michael O'Hara vows to uncover the truth and wonders what his family is not telling him.

Woods, Sherryl - Florida Authors

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