Joan Johnston

Joan JohnstonWebsite: Joan Johnston
Birthplace: Little Rock, AR
Current Residence: Colorado and South Florida
Genre: western romance, historical romance

Joan Johnston lived in various areas of the United States, but finally settled in South Florida where she worked as an attorney. To escape from her high-pressure position she became interested in writing romance novels. The time she spent in the West inspired many of her western romances including The Cowboy, The Texan, and The Loner.

Hawkes Way Grooms by Joan JohnstonThe Diary by Joan JohnstonHawkes Way Carter and Falcon by Joan JohnstonFit to Be Tied by Joan Johnston

Book List

Shattered (2009)
Outcast (2009)
The Diary (2008)
Stranger's Game (2008)
Breathless Seduction (2007)
Never Tease a Wolf (2005)
Rancher and the Runaway Bride (2005)
Next Mrs. Blackthorne (2005)
No Longer a Stranger (2005)
Texas Brides (2005)
Sweetwater Seduction (2004)
Men of Bitter Creek (2004)
Honey and the Hired Hand (2004)
Colter's Wife (2004)
Big Sky Country (2004)
Rivals (2004)
Texas Woman (2003)
The Price (2003)
Hawkes Way Faron & Garth (2003)
Marriage by the Book (2002)
Sisters Found (2002)
Hawkes Way Grooms (2002)
Bluest Eyes in Texas (2002)
The Loner (2002)
Hawkes Way Rogues (2001)
Hawkes Way Substitute Groom (2001)
Taming the Lone Wolf (2001)
The Texan (2001)
The Cowboy (2000)
Hawkes Way Bachelors (2000)
Spouse for Hire (1999)
Bridegroom (1999)
Hawkes Way Brides (1999)
Temporary Groom (1999)
Bodyguard (1998)
Comanche Woman (1998)
Heartbeat (1997)
After the Kiss (1997)
Captive (1996)
I Promise (1996)
Headstrong Bride (1995)
Maverick Heart (1995)
Disobedient Bride (1995)
Inheritance (1995)
Unforgiving Bride (1995)
Cowboy Takes a Wife (1994)
Hawkes Way Carter & Falcon (1994)
Wrangler and the Rich Girl (1993)
Outlaw's Bride (1993)
Kid Calhoun (1993)
A Little Time in Texas (1992)
Barefoot Bride (1992)
Child's Play (1992)
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (1991)
Frontier Woman (1988)
Fit to Be Tied (1988)
Loving Defiance (1985)

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