Patty G. Henderson

Patty G. Henderson Website: Patty G. Henderson
Birthplace: Tampa, FL
Current Residence: Tampa, FL
Genre: mystery, suspense, supernatural, horror

Patty G. Henderson is a Tampa native. Henderson has done many things from pumping gas to working in a library. Henderson currently works as a photographic digital artist. Henderson's love for Gothic Romance and Horror influences her writing style. Early in life, Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft were her favorite authors.

Missing Page by Patty G. HendersonChilling Tales of Terror and the Supernatural by Patty G. HendersonSo Dead, My Love by Patty G. Henderson

Book List

So Dead, My Love (2007) - first book in the Karnov Trilogy

Blood Scent (2001)

Brenda Strange Series

The Missing Page (2005)

Tangled and Dark (2004)

The Burning of Her Sin (2002)

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